The smash hit indie movie Kung Fury took the world by storm with its 80s feel, cheesy punch lines, and fun characters. To boost the movie launch, we developed and released the arcade style game Kung Fury: Street Rage back in the days. 

We are now back again with a new expansion, “A Day at the Beach”. The third installment of the Kung Fury beat ‘em up saga brings you the heaviest punch in the history of nazi-beating! David Hasselhoff as a playable hero! 2-player co-op! Brand new stages!

Kung Fury ADATB_Promo_1920x1080_web

Since the original release, three features have been on the top of our players’ wishlist; Fully free classic brawler movement, Co-op and making Hasselhoff a playable hero. We’re extremely happy and proud to be able to deliver all of these, and more

– Annette Nielsen, Creative Director

Kung Fury_Hasselhoff_Beach 1

This release is close to a full new game. With so many new features I think it’s fair to say that Christmas came early this year

– Oskar Eklund, CEO

Kung Fury_Hasselhoff_Sewers