From Warner Music Group and award-winning indie game studio, Hello There Games, comes the next exciting chapter of the critically acclaimed rhythm game series, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy.

Navigate breathtaking, new celestial worlds to the beat of chart-topping hits from today’s most popular artists, including Charlie Puth, PinkPantheress and more.

Play fresh new tracks from tomorrow’s biggest stars solo and master the beat of every song or put your party in hyperdrive with up to 4-player local multiplayer, where exhilarating head-to-head competition comes to life in your living room. And with a range of difficulty levels to choose from, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy offers a fun challenge for players of all skill levels.

“Invector is a super smooth space music rhythm game that belts out big beats against addictive gameplay. With a class look and feel, Invector delivers a note perfect ride into the stars.”

Punk and Lizard

”Last, but not least, is the fantastic visual presentation in Invector that rounds out a wonderful package overall. The backgrounds – of which there are several as you visit a few different planets – are gorgeous looking. It nails that sci-fi neon dark moody futuristic “look” so well that it’s just awesome.”